Financial Assistance Application and Process

The YMCA of Metropolitan Denver believes everyone should have the opportunity to participate in YMCA membership and in our programs regardless of their ability to pay. We provide Financial Assistance to the extent possible to those in need through the generosity of our donors.

More Details: CCCAP



**As of May 1, 2023, we will begin to accept membership scholarship applications. 

**With grant funding, we are accepting applications for scholarships for our Youth in Government program through Sept. 30, 2023.

See below other scholarship application changes as of July 2023.

  • The scholarship application process is online.
  • Access the application through: Your YMCA Account
  • See below a step-by-step process for applying online.
  • Be sure to have your supporting financial documentation available (pay stub or tax return).
  • Completing a scholarship application does not secure your support in a program. We provide assistance to the extent possible through the generosity of our donors. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at our Solution Center 



Solicitud y Proceso de Ayuda Financiera

El YMCA de Metro Denver cree que todos deben tener la oportunidad de participar en la membresía y los programas de el YMCA, independientemente de capacidad de pago. Proveemos Ayuda Financiera en la mayor medida posible a los necesitados, gracias a la generosidad de nuestros donantes.  

CÓMO SOLICITAREl proceso de solicitud de becas está en línea. 

  • El proceso de solicitud de becas esta en linea.

  • Acceda a la aplicación a través de: Su Cuenta De YMCA  

  • Asegúrese de tener disponible su documentación financiera de respaldo (talonario de pago o declaración de impuestos).

  • Completar una solicitud de beca no asegura su apoyo en un programa. Brindamos asistencia en la medida de lo posible a través de la generosidad de nuestros donantes.

Estamos entusiasmados con este nuevo formato en línea que hará que el proceso de solicitud de becas sea más simple, más fácil y más eficiente para nuestras valiosas familias de YMCA.

Si tiene alguna pregunta, comuníquese con nosotros a nuestro Centro de soluciones. Esperamos ver más de usted y su familia en la YMCA, su hogar lejos del hogar.


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What’s new to the scholarship application process as of July 2023?
  • Level of Scholarship Awards. 

All scholarships are awarded at 25%, 50% & 75%. 100% scholarship awards are no longer being awarded.  

  • Income & CCCAP 

We are requiring individuals with an annual income of $20,000 or below to first apply for CCCAP for our licensed child care programs. A list of those programs are listed below. If an individual/family applies for a YMCA Scholarship, we will require proof of CCCAP denial in order to be considered. 

The income threshold and CCCAP denial is not required for membership scholarships. 

If your income is $0, you must also provide an explanation in the application.  

  • Scholarship time limits for programs 

New time limits will be in place for child care programs. For example: 

Out of School Time scholarship awards will be extended for the length of the program, or between August and May. 

Camp scholarships will be extended for the length of the program, or between June and August. 

Membership scholarships will remain in place for 12 months.

Also, scholarships must be activated within 30 days of the award. This is not new but is a reminder to the awardees. We are tracking this more closely so that we can continue to offer opportunities to more families. 

  • Scholarship awards for Out of School Time. 

Current OST participants are receiving a communication to re-apply for scholarships. They will be given a time limit to re-apply and we will respond promptly so that scholarships may be applied for the program start. If a scholarship is awarded, the individual/family will receive a promo code to register online. 

Who is eligible for a scholarship?

Individuals and families may apply for a scholarship at the YMCA.  

The YMCA of Metro Denver is proud to offer scholarships to deserving families and individuals and we are grateful to our generous donors and the charitable contributions that make scholarships possible. Partial scholarships may be granted based on the recipients demonstrated need and the YMCA’s ability to fund the request 

As of April 2023, we have already granted scholarships to 379 households totaling nearly $500,000 in program and membership participation.  

In order to assure our ability to meet scholarship obligations to those approved families and individuals, scholarship applications are open for YMCA Membership and Out of School Time programs. All other program scholarships are on pause.

With limited grant funding, we are accepting scholarships for our Youth in Government program through September 30, 2023. From the Scholarship Application, look for the check box at the top of the page. 

What kind of scholarships are available?

YMCA Membership scholarships are being awarded. 

As of July 17, child care - Out of School Time scholarships are open for application. 

Scholarships are being paused for: 

  • Programs which include swim lessons, youth sports, art or dance class, etc. 

  • Child Care which includes Y Academy early childcare education.  

  • Summer camp which includes summer day camp as well as specialty and sports camps.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

Apply online. See link above. 

A Spanish language video walkthrough is coming soon. 

Why was my scholarship application denied?

It depends.

If your application was denied for a YMCA program, child care (not OST) or camp, those applications are paused in order to assure our ability to meet scholarship obligations to those approved families and individuals. 

If your application was denied due to annual income, that means that your reported income is above the annual income threshold required by our organization to process the application. Our annual income threshold is $50,000 and below.  

If your income is below $20,000, we ask that you first apply to the appropriate state, city or county Child Care Assistance Program applicable to you before applying for a YMCA Scholarship for childcare and camp. You work directly with your case worker, not the Y, for this application. If you are denied by those programs, proof will be required as part of your YMCA Scholarship Application. 

Here are links to those programs: 

If your income is $0 and you did not provide an explanation in the application, your application was likely denied. 

If your application was denied for past due balance, the past due balance must be paid off and then the applicant can re-apply.  

Out of School Time Scholarships

As of August 30, 2023, scholarship applications for Out of School Time are no longer being accepted. Scholarships are made possible through the generosity of our donors. Currently, we have distributed all the funds available for OST scholarship to eligible families.

What financial information is required?

A pay stub, W-2 and/or a tax return. 

If you do not have any other income, you will need to provide documentation of SNAP, disability and/or social security benefits.


What if I already applied for a scholarship? Does that mean I won’t get one?

As of May 1, YMCA Membership scholarships are being awarded. 

As of July 17, child care - Out of School Time scholarships are open for application. 

Scholarships are being paused for all other programs.  

I currently have a scholarship. Will I still be able to use it toward registration?

If you have already received a letter with a membership scholarship award and a code, your award remains in place.  

If you received a child care scholarship for OST for the 2022-2023 school year, it is now expired, and you must re-apply if you are interested in being considered for financial assistance. All child care OST scholarship awards going forward are extended for the length of the program, or between August and May. 

You are required to accept the scholarship and activate it toward the applicable program within 30 days. 

New: Scholarship awards at 100% are no longer being offered. If you are a scholarship recipient with a 100% award, our team reached out to you directly about the status of your award. 

I received a membership scholarship. Can I apply it toward Y Your Way Membership?

No. Membership scholarships are only available for Y-Starter and Y-Premium memberships. 

Who can I contact for more information about questions about a scholarship and/or a scholarship denial?