Power Scholars Afterschool and Power Scholars Academy

The YMCA’s Power Scholars Afterschool and Power Scholars Academy is increasing education readiness, academic achievement and building 21st century skills for students throughout the Denver Metro Area. Power Scholars Afterschool and Power Scholars Academy are located at the following schools. 

Denver Public School

  • Garden Place Academy
  • Montclair School of Academics and Achievement
  • Swansea Elementary
  • Wyatt Academy
  • Joe Shoemaker School
  • Holm Elementary School

Cherry Creek School District

  • Highline Community Elementary School

Power Scholars- After school Enrichment

Power Scholars Afterschool is a comprehensive after-school program for students Kindergarten through 5th grade, focused on academic growth, enrichment activities and SEL practices. Through federal or local grants students and families receive after-school programing at no cost to the family.

Power Scholars Academy- Summer

Power Scholars Academy is a six-week academic based summer camp, where student “scholars” who recently finished K-5th grades get hands-on academic support in math and literacy to prevent and minimize summer learning loss. Power Scholars Academy is hosted at 7 Denver Metro Area schools to focus on specific program goals:

  • Increase math and literary skills
  • Strengthen self-confidence, social-emotional learning and wellness
  • Build a stronger connection with their school and the community 
  • The program also features daily nutritious breakfasts, service projects and field trips to support learning and increase critical-thinking skills.

Registration for this program is only available for students at the schools above. 
If you would like to learn more about enrolling your child in the Power Scholars, contact Samantha Church.

Power Scholars

Power Scholars get ahead

Without intervention, most students lose two months of learning over the summer.
YMCA Power Scholars Academy students did not experience the expected summer learning loss. On average, our students experienced a month’s worth of academic growth in both Math and Reading—a net gain of three months.